Präzisionsteile Dresden Englisch


The history of the company begins shortly after the German Reunification. In 1991 the Mohr Group from West Germany has taken over from “Treuhandanstalt” parts of the staff and the equipment of the former company Pentacon, which was an important manufacturer of fine mechanics and foto cameras in the former German Democratic Repulic. In the tradition of Pentacon the Mohr Group developed Präzisionsteile Dresden to a supplier of precision turning parts from metal and of injection moulded plastic parts.

At first the production facilities of Präzisionsteile Dresden where located at Dresden Laubegast. In 2004 the production moved to the new building at Dresden-Reick. In 2008 KAP AG acquired the company and integrated it in GM Tec Industries, a group which focusses on the production high precision parts from metal and plastics.

Within GM Tec Industries Präzisionsteile Dresden has developed to an important supplier of high precision turned parts, mainly for application is automotive industries.